Jessica Brenan
While many of the boys have outgrown their roles, Anna
continues to play the part of Jessie -- since the very
beginning! For the recording of
Album #5, Anna could
not be in-studio, so she recorded her own tracks in a
make-shift booth made from blankets and PVC tubing!

Anna was married between the recording of Albums 08
and 9. Her name is now Anna Frandsen.
Do you like working with the other actors on the team?
How could I not adore being apart of a team of actors who strive to work hard in all they do so that they
many bring glory, not for themselves, but for Christ’s sake and kingdom? I feel honored to be a part of
not just a talented and dedicated team of actors, but also producers and production staff, writers etc.
who are so giving and selfless of their time, possessions and all they have. It humbles me to see what
great servants of Christ I have the privilege to work with.

How did you come to know the Lord?
If I had to pick a particular age to choose for my salvation it would be age four, because that was when
in Sunday School I decided to give my life to the Lord. I must admit though, that my faith has been so
much more then one day of dedication, but a continual submission to my Lord. Each day I look for what
He has to teach me, and their never ceases to be something new. My prayer is that my faith and walk
with Christ will increase each passing day through all times in my life, through the peace, through the
trials through tears, through blessing, and always.

Tell us about your family.
I feel blessed to say I come from an amazing family of four, all who greatly support me in this and all
my projects. My parents, Paul and Lori will be celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary this year, and
my sister is 13. Much of the foundations of my faith are from my family. They taught me important truths
about Christ and values I will keep with me my entire life. Although I had to make the decision myself to
follow the Lord and place my life completely into His hands, I give thanks to Him for my family because
they led me and continue to encourage me to follow Him more and more each day.

What is it like to play your character?
I feel so blessed to play the part of Jessica Brenan. The morals that the Brenan family instills in Jessie
are many of the ones my family has and is fostering in me. Jessie has a great and supportive family
who teach her about Christ in almost everything she does. I love when Jessie takes the precious
knowledge she gleans from her parents like creation facts or Bible verses and uses it for God's glory
and shares it with others.  Jessie loves adventure, and so do I. Jessie is completely sold out to God
and wants His plans in her life, and I pray the same with mine, that my time here on earth would be
one glorying and honoring God above all else.

Why do you enjoy being part of the Jonathan Park project?
Jonathan Park is such an amazing ministry, and I feel so blessed to be apart of it. What I enjoy most
about the Jonathan Park adventures is that they are so well written and fun to listen to, but in no way do
they sacrifice the learning aspect or the biblical message. I personally learn so much evidence for my
faith which I feel is so important because I know God wants us to believe the truth and wants us to
realize that the bible is real truth and history with actual tangible evidence. I'm sure the listeners love
being able to collect proof for their faith while being entertained.