Duane his wife Nancy son, Andrew, and daughter Grace are
also part of the production team, aside from also playing
several key roles. Together the Family wrote half the
episodes for Album 07 and all of Album 09
Why is the creation message important?
The Creation message is important because In Genesis God tells us how he created the world and why. This is the true story told by
the only one who was there. Mankind looks at the same evidence and tries to figure out what happened. We can only guess and
judge by what we have observed. Much of what the scientific community believes is based on uniformitarianism (the idea that things
proceed as they always have since the beginning of time) and Humanism (the idea that man starting from himself is the measure of
all things).  If you will only read the Bible you will see that this is simply not true. When true science is applied to the evidence we see,
we find that it lines up perfectly with what the Bible tells us. There are no missing links, it is a complete representation from the
beginning of time itself to the future end of the world. Humanism is just not sufficient to explain the vastness of the universe. Man is a
finite being in a finite universe. Science has proven by way of the second law of thermodynamics that all of creation tends to move
from a state of order to a one of disorder.  The  law of Biogenesis states that life only comes from life. Something must have set all
we see in order and started everything including Life itself.  That something is, was and always will be God.         

What is it like to play your character?
It is a step back for me to play Dr. Daniel Priest. He believes what I used to believe years ago, that God created, but He used
evolution to do it. This is a sad line of thinking because if millions of years of evolution led up to Adam and Eve then you have death
and suffering before Adam’s sin. If that were true it would destroy the gospel. Death and suffering were brought about by Adam’s sin
and Jesus is the one by whom we must be saved. If you are a Christian and you believe in evolution you are not only inconsistent but
you are saying that God lied in his word. Telling a lie is one thing God can not do.     

Is there a time when you got to use the creation message to share the gospel with someone?
Now that I understand the Creation message I always use it as Paul did in Romans. A person needs to understand the whole story
to be able to understand who Jesus really is, The Savior.
My favorite time I used the Creation message was with a man who was going to rob me. He came up to me at a gas station while I
was filling up my car. He made racial comments that my race had everything, and so it was “okay” for me to give him my money
because he was from a disadvantaged race and that if I did not agree he would convince me with his knife. I told him I did not
understand the term “race” and that he is a man and I am a man. We both came from Adam and Eve in the beginning and that all
living today are descendants of Noah after the flood. This was not what he was expecting and it caught him quite off guard. He then
asked me that is it was true, then why were we different colors?
I told him we are not different colors just that we had different amounts of the same color. This really got him thinking, I then told him
about the tower of Babel. In a few moments we were laughing together and we called each other brother. I encouraged him to give
up crime and seek after Jesus. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to show him the whole gospel message, I gave him a great
creation tract, got in my car and left quickly before he had enough time to remember why he had walked up to me in the first place. As
I left he looked a little bewildered but deep in thought.    
I pray that he found the Lord.       

What is your favorite scripture, and why?
"Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy Heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first
and greatest commandment. And the second is like unto it. Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself . On these two commandments
hang all the law and the profits."  - Matthew 22:37-40. Jesus himself tells us in simple terms how to do all that is required by keeping
your eyes on God and love.

Tell us about your family...
I live with my wife Nancy and my children Andrew, Grace and Rachel in Big Bear City California. It is a small resort town in the San
Bernardino Mountains at a 7000’ foot elevation. My wife and I home school the children because God gave the responsibility of
teaching children to the parents.  We are an extremely close family. We have been “living the adventure” ,  long before Jonathan Park.
We have driven across the country numerous times from sea to shinning sea and from Mexico to Canada, We camped in the forest,
the desert, and the mountains. We have explored caves, lived through forest fires, earth quakes and blizzards we have out run
tornados, encountered gangsters, escaped from disasters, seen famous places and Presidents face to face,     
We have dug up fossils, collected samples, done scientific experiments, and preached the gospel to all who will listen. Living on
Gods world is a fantastic adventure.    

How did you come to know the Lord?
I personally came to know the Lord through my wife Nancy before we were married. I was not raised in a Christian home I thought I
was a good person but I did not understand the truth until she showed me by her love and patience. Through God's grace he gave
me salvation and delivered the message in the perfect proverbs 31 woman.

Do you like working with the other actors on the team?
Yes I do very much, I have worked on many productions in college and some independent but rarely have I had the chance to work
with a cast of people who were all Christians. It is like working with family. Here we pull together  -- not for our own glory individually --
but we strive for His Glory alone.       
Team Responsibilities
Script Writer for Album 07 and 09
Dialogue Editor
Sound Designer