The Journey to a Thousand Fathoms
Episode #75 & 76 - Album #7
Written by: Andrew Riffenburgh, Duane Riffenburgh,
Script Edited by: Michael Gobart, Pat Roy
Directed by: Kathryn Mokan
Recording Engineer: Pat Roy
Recording Assistants: Donald Flanagan
Dialog Editing by: Jessica McMahon
Sound Design by: Tim McMahon
Announcer: Enrique Sanchez
Recorded at: Canyon Community Church, Chula Vista, CA
Recorded on: June 12, 2010
The Creation Response Team joins their eccentric host, Alexander DeMarcus, aboard the
electromagnetic submarine The Manta as they embark to study the mysteries of the deep. But will
they be able to survive the attack of a real sea monster?
The Manta was designed by Duane Riffenburgh when he
was in High School and he shared his idea of this exciting
technology with Album 07. Some real life submarines
have actually run on electromagnetic propulsion!!!

The title comes from the first sample script written by
Andrew Riffenburgh. In that story the Creation Response
Team journeyed to visit the undersea wreckage of the
R.M.S. Titanic. Many concepts from the first sample script
were incorporated into this story, such as the Mini Sub
and The Pilgrims   
This episode featured the unique apearence of Christian
Victor Jr. as himself. He is a young boy who raised
$10,000 to support the project and as a result was given
the opportunity to appear in an actual episode of the
This episode of course owes a great deal to Jules Verne's
famous story "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" which  the
script writers frequently referenced.
Christian Victor
Christian Victor Jr.
Mr. Henson
Mr. Bowditch
Belinda Waters
Derek Dilts