The Race for Space
Episode #79 & #80 - Album 07
Written by: Andrew Riffenburgh, Duane Riffenburgh,
Script Edited by: Michael Gobart, Pat Roy
Directed by: Kathryn Mokan
Recording Engineer: Pat Roy
Recording Assistants: Donald Flanagan
Dialog Editing by: Brian Leach, John Leach
Sound Design by:
Megan LaVanche
Announcer: Enrique Sanchez
Recorded at: Canyon Community Church, Chula Vista, CA
Recorded on: July 17, 2010
Join the Creation Response Team on their final journey
aboard the Manta as they take a hair tingling race through the
undersea canyons of the Atlantic Ocean and uncover a plan
bigger than they ever imagined!
Frank Montenegro who is Dr. Kendall Park was not in
the studio for the recording of most of the episodes for
this album.

Interstingly enough many of the actors and  actresses
are not even in the studio at all. As the years have
passed some have moved a considerable distance
from San Diego, the area where alll the episoodes have
been recorded. As a resutl many roecrd from their

Also many of the "Cameo" roles are recorded by the
Vision Forum staff in San Antonio.
In an interesting turn Paul Herlinger who portrayed John
Avery Whitakker on the popular radio drama Adventures
Odyssey appears as himself. Can you hear him?
The documentary, "The Created Cosmos" used during
the press conference can actually be seen at the
Creation Museum in Kentucky. It is incredibly stunning
and far excels in technical quality and Biblical and
Scientific truth, the presentation given at the Griffith
Observatory in Los Angeles.
Richard Nashville
U.S. Marshal
Reporter 1
Reporter 2
Reporter 3
Dr, Hopkins
Andy/Speedwell Pilot