The Sands of Time
Episode #97 & #98 - Album #9
Written by: Andrew Riffenbergh, Duane Riffenburgh,
Script Edited by: Pat Roy, Michael Gobart
Directed by: Kathryn Mokan
Recording Engineer: Pat Roy
Recording Assistants: Donald Flanagan
Dialog Editing by: Arden Edgell, Andrew Riffenburgh, Jonathan Roy,
John Leach
Sound Design by: Jesse Donaldson, Andrew Riffenburgh,
JOnathan Roy, John Leach
Announcer: Enrique Sanchez
Recorded at: Canyon Community Church, Chula Vista, CA
Recorded on: June 16, 2012
Biblical Chronologist, Dr. Howard, has sent the Creation Response Team a statue
containing secret information that sends them on an exciting journey to Egypt. Dr
Howard claims that in the right hands, his information could save the lives of
thousands. However, a radical group wants the information for their own purposes,
and are willing to kill for it.
This album was began at a story writing conference in
October of 2011 at the same time as The Copper Scroll
began production.

The Riffenburgh Family team was back to write their first
episodes since The Voyage Beyond. After studying
some of the classic stories set in Egypt they figured out
ways to innovate a classic genre. This album proved to
be the most exciting yet!

Pat Roy, editor and producer, mentions the JP series
and the Riffenburgh's writing in interviews conducted at and Audio Theatre Central

However, at present the Riffenburgh's name is not
mentioned with the album ads on and