The Whispering Sphinx
Episode #107 & #108 - Album #9
Written by: Duane Riffenburgh, Andrew Riffenburgh
Script Edited by: Pat Roy, Michael Gobart
Directed by: Kathryn Mokan, Andrew Riffenburgh
Recording Engineer: Pat Roy
Recording Assistants: Donald Flanagan, Grace Riffenburgh
Dialog Editing by: Duane Riffenburgh, Jonathan Roy
Sound Design by: Andrew Riffenburgh, Jonathan Roy, Donald
Flanagan, Duane Riffenburgh
Announcer: Enrique Sanchez
Recorded at: Canyon Community Church, Chula Vista, CA
Recorded on: April 20, 2013
Popularity for General Karabo has become overwhelming, but the CRT has come
face to face with who he really is. Now it’s up to them to stop him from becoming the
next Egyptian President. Will they be able to overcome the Brotherhood of Sobek
and show the tablet, the Whispering Sphinx, and Karabo to be a fraud?