Dr. Kendall Park
Vinnie Vicente
Dr. Cassat (
African Safari)
Announcer Bob (
Album #5)
The Evil Clown (
Art Heist Adventure)
Mexican Vendor (
The Ancient City of the Jaguar)
The Mayor (
The Red Menace)
Taxi Driver (Galapagos)
Frey Tomas De Berlanga (Galapagos)
Luis (Galapagos)
DNN Anouncer (
Treasure of Shechem)
As you can see by the number of roles that
Frank has played, he really has the ability to
morph his voice. As a matter of fact, he has
actually played two people talking to each other
in the same scene! He also has a wonderful
sense of humor, and sometimes gets the rest of
the cast laughing so hard that we have to stop
the recording!
What is it like to play your character?
Playing Dr. Kendall Park for the last 8 years or so has been a tremendous amount of fun. And, it has
also been a HUGE responsibility. The message of The Creator is one that we must proclaim from a
heart that is for The Lord. Pat Roy, and Sandy Roy have always been steadfast in reminding us to be
ever sober in our walks with God. So that the enemy cannot get a foot-hold in our lives. We have a LOT
of fun, and yet we always remember that we are targets as well.

What is your favorite scripture, and why?
"Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding." - Proverbs 3:5 --
Because when it comes down to it, our trust in The Lord is all we really have to hold on to.

How did you come to know the Lord?
I had 2 cousins (brothers) who were murdered within 9 months of each other. The Lord used that
series of events to draw me to himself.

Do you like working with the other actors on the team?
This is best ensemble of actors I've ever had the chance to work with (or ever will) We are truly a family.

Why is the creation message important?
Because, our children's futures are at stake, and we have got to "fight the good fight" and proclaim
good from evil. The Christ rejecting world we live in, would love nothing more than to have Christians
just "give up" and stop fighting for the truth of The Creator. But we must always and  forever remain
diligent in our efforts to combat the lies that are being taught to our children, and by the media. That is
why the creation message is so important.