Eugene (Darrow's Bluff)
Detective Farley (
The Talking Picture)
Scottish Shopkeeper (
The Pirates of Whitby)
An artist at the Institute for Creation Research for 23
years Marvin also has an impressive acting career.
He has portrayed Scrooge in two musicals, Merlin in
Camelot and played a pivotal role in the 1993 film
The Treasure.
I placed my trust in Jesus when I was a few weeks short of fourteen.  Have walked with Him 57 years.  
In recent years I've experienced an even deeper blessing in really, really, knowing the Father as my
Abba.  The rich joy of talking and receiving thoughts and printed answers from the Creator to whom I
now speak so softly and respectfully as one who should speak to their earthly dad.  Imagine a grown
older dude invited by Scripture to call God, "Dad."   Thing is, He wants everyone to come into His
family through their own choice and have fellowship and familyship with Him -- to love Him as dearly as
they would their own dad.  We can't help but love Him who so loves us that He provides for our purity
when we accept His forgiveness at the foot of the Cross.

I Retired ten years ago from the Institute for Creation Research where I had been called to serve the
Father and our Lord Jesus Christ as an artist for 23 years.