Marvin Potts
Agent Furney (
Descent from Sandia Peak)
Soda Shop Keeper (
Showdown at Twin Bridges)
Gun Slinging Judge (
Showdown at Twin Bridges)
Antonio (
Art Heist Adventure)
Sheriff Miller (
Mysterious Stranger)
Gilbert (
The Explorers' Society)
Dr. Pilner (
The Search for the Beagle)
Kazimer (
The Chosen Four)
Charlie (
Pilgrimage of the Speedwell)
Ray has the ability to imitate anyone. Once we
stumped him, though, we asked him to be himself.
After doing so many different voices, his answer
was, "I don't know how to do me, but my neighbor
is a regular guy, can I just be him?"

Ray also made the special music for the music
box in the Journey Never Taken (you can read
more about it

Ray also played a couple of roles in the Christian
radio drama episode
Detective Rick Wraith: For
the Love of Money

Ray is a cinematic composer working in San Diego