Angela Park
In the episodes, Angela Park is the mother of
Katie Park -- played by
Courtney Evans. In real
life, the two of them really are mother and
Don, Sherry's husband and
Courtney's father has also appeared in the
Why do you enjoy being part of the JP project?
I feel that being a part of this project is truly a blessing from the Lord.  It's so fun to be with all the other
actors, directors,and tech people on recording day. We have become one big family.  We have watched kids
grow up and become wonderful men and women of God.  We have rejoiced with each other as our families
grow in number and stood by each other in hard times. Best of all, we are able to come together as a team
and use our God given talents to share the message of our Lord and Savior!

Why is the creation message important?
There are a lot of Christians who really don't understand how important the evidence of creation is to our
faith.  For years Christians have been taught "We don't believe in evolution" so we didn't. But for today's
generation, that's not enough, they want to know WHY we don't believe in evolution. Many Christian parents
aren't equipped to answer that question. Sharing the creation message with families (kids and parents) is
so important in this day and age and "The Adventures of Jonathan Park" is a wonderful way to learn.  And to
tell you the truth, the Lord has taught me a ton about creation since I've been involved with JP.

Tell us about your family.
My husband Don and I have been married 23 wonderful years (we met at Disneyland!) and have been
blessed with 2 terrific daughters Stephanie and Courtney.  
Courtney plays "Katie Park" in the JP series and
it's been so fun sharing this experience with her.  We have created a ton of memories together. My husband
Don has also been in a few episodes; what a kick that was! I thank the Lord every day for my wonderful
Christian heritage, and the Godly examples I've had throughout my life.