Archeology Resources
(Although we do not share exactly the same beliefs as Dr. David Down, who is a seventh day adventist, he is
probably one of the best archaeologists in the world and has done phenomenal research in the area of
archeology and we encourage you to read his fascinating book "Unwrapping the Pharaohs")
An article about the exciting discoveries
of Dr. David Down one of the world's
foremost archaeologists
Read it here at Answers in Genesis
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Is there archaeological evidence of the sons of
Jacob, the tribal leaders of Israel?
By : Dr. Bryant G. Wood
Bible Archaeology
What is the importance of the Dead Sea Scrolls?
By: Dr. Will Varner
Has the Ark of the Covenant been found?
And Noah’s Ark? Pharaoh’s drowned army?
What about the Garden of Eden?
By: Creation Magazine
Does Archaeology Support the Bible?
By: Clifford Wilson PhD.
The Puzzle of Ancient Man Audio Program (47Minutes)
By Donald Chittick
The Mystery of Ancient Man
By  Steve Cardno