Most of the first two Jonathan Park Albums take place in and around Santa
Fe New Mexico. This was before the Park and Brennan families came
together, with the encouragement of their benefactor Henry Michaels, to
form the Creation Response Team. Since then, in the show, they have
travelled all over the world responding to different events or locations of
important creation significance.
Listed Below are the episodes that took place exclusively in New Mexico

Secret of Hidden Cave
Disaster at Brennan Bluff
Art Heist Adventure
Return to Hidden Cave
Bone of Contention
Mysterious Stranger
The Blazing Star
The Winds of Change
Santa Fe

Clue from Ninevah
Art Heist Adventure (Occurred in both Santa Fe and Abquiu)
Mystery at Dead Man's Curve
The Cry From Cyberspace
The Talking Picture
Mystery at McBane Manor

Escape from
New Mexico in general

The Long Road Home
Showdown at Twin Bridges
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