George Washington's Pistol

Own a beautiful replica of George Washington's pistol.
Now you can treasure of copy of the firearm of
America's first Commander in Chief

Comes in a beautiful display box with the famous
painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware

Non-Firing Replica  
Texas Ranger Pistol

Own a replica of the pistol that won the west. Carried by
the legendary Texas Rangers this non firing replica
pistol includes a wonderful frame to hang your pistol on
the wall, a copy of the Original Texas Ranger "Peso

Non Firing Replica
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Please read our shipping
policies and restrictions
on Replica Guns you
must be 18 years or older
to purchase
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Brass Bugle

Relive the great battles of the past with this beautiful
reproduction brass bugle. Now you can be a Bugler in
the Civil War, rally your troops for mess call or lead
your troops bravely into the fray.
A great quality piece to add to any collection
WW2 Era Colt 45 Automatic leather holster

An excellent accessory to add to any uniform from
World War 1 to Korea. This holster housed one of the
best and most versatile pistols in history. A
wonderful Companion to our
Airsoft 45.
Tri Cornered Hat

This wonderful hat is just like the founding fathers
and legendary heroes of the past had.
Be the Next Patrick Henry, Nathan Hale or George

Measure 16" by 6"

One Size Fits Most
Suede Bag

This bag is a faithful reproduction of what Daniel
Boone, Davy Crockett of Jedidiah Smith would have
used to carry whatever "Possibles" they would need
long their way such as food, shot or important papers

9.5" by 11" (plus Strap)
Solid Brass Nautical Compass

Authentic reproduction of the compasses that sailed
the seven seas
Has a brass sighting bar that folds out.
Comes in a wood box with Brass Hinges and corners
Leather Wrapped Telescope

Scan the seas for pirates or see the enemy's
positions with this functional brass telescope.
Sure to become a staple piece in your

Extends to 18.5 "
Replica Walther P-38 Pistol

This beautiful metal replica of a Walther P-38 has a
working slide action and is 8.5" long.

The Walther P-38 has been used by many since its
first manufacturer including the German, French,
Portuguese and Norwegian armies and the South
African Police. The gun was also used by the popular
spy Napoleon Solo portrayed by actor Robert Vaughn
in the hit 1960's program The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
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replica pistols
Replica Wyatt Earp

A perfect replica of
the pistol used by
Wyatt Earp in ther
gunfight at the

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Replica Wild Bill
Hickok Pistol

An excellent
replica of the
pistol used by the
legendry Wild Bill

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