Replica Guns Shipping Policy and Restrictions
CALIFORNIA and KANSAS: Dealers warrant that shipments are made in
compliance with state law.Imitation Firearms, regardless of date, may only
be shipped:

In conjunction with a frame or presentation box; or
Solely for export in interstate or foreign commerce; or
Solely for lawful use in theatrical productions; or
For use in certified sporting events or competitions; or
For use in military or civil defense or ceremonial activities; or
For public display authorized by public or private school

of antique firearms (pre-1898) are allowed. We will not ship replicas of
modern firearms (post-1898) to these states.

NEW YORK STATE AND PUERTO RICO: Replicas of antique firearms
(pre-1898) are allowed. We will only ship replicas of modern firearms
(post-1898) to theatrical, military, police or other government accounts with
valid proof of account identity. A copy of a valid purchase order will suffice.

CANADA: Replicas of flintlock, percussion, and cap and ball weapons are
the only imitation firearms that can be shipped to Canada.