Wind Caves
Official National Park Site
(By the very nature and agenda of
many in the National Park Service
this site may contain references to
an evolutionary-long ages
viewpoint that the Creation
Adventure Family emphatically
disagrees with)  
Wind Caves is located in eastern South Dakota and is one of the most interesting
places we’ve ever visited.
It’s name comes from the unusual “atmospheric pressure between the cave and
the surface” and, according to available sources, in 1881 the first explorers, Tom
and Jesse Bingham were surprised when a great gust from the cave blew Tom’s
hat off.
One of the most interesting aspects of this cave is the rare and unique box-work
formations which many early explorers broke sections off of to take for
souvenirs (now that is strictly forbidden by the park service).
The ranger guiding the tour began by showing us a small plastic box, much like
you would get a ring in, out of which see pulled, as I recall 6-10 feet of fine
string, but regardless of the length it was more than you would expect from such
a small box. She held up the string and told us that this was very much what the
Wind Caves were like, in other words many miles and miles of criss-crossing
spaghetti-like tunnels all compacted into a comparatively small area. Spelunkers
in the caves sometimes have to straddle the thin walkways by putting their feet
on either wall because often they can crack through into the next tunnel below.
These caves are really quite a site with all of their twisting passages and
intricate geologic features.  
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