Maggie Higgins (Cry from Cyberspace)
Newswoman (
Treasure of Shechem)
TV Announcer (
Operation Gezer)
Newscaster (
The Brotherhood of Sobek)
Bernice (
The Whispering Sphinx)
Most of the Jonathan Park characters came from
the mind of Sandy. She is highly creative -- and
most of the fun scenes in the episodes originated
from her "outside of the box" creativity. For fun,
both she and her husband
Pat like to hide their
voices throughout many of the episodes. You will
usually find cameos by these two whenever
they're "side by side" roles, like  Martha's sister
and brother-in-law in the
Adventure on the
Aucilla River, the caterers in Return to Hidden
Cave, Maggie and Jack in Cry from Cyberspace,
the Doctor and Nurse that deliver Summer
Melody in
Descent from Sandia Peak, and many
others. Sandy has also done several other solo
cameos, and has directed and written many of
the episodes as well.
Co-Creator of the Series
Assistant Director
Script Editor