Buddy Davis
Buddy Davis is a man of
many talents. As a singer
he has composed or
performed in over a
dozen music CD's. He is
a speaker for Answers in
Genesis. He is also a
master sculptor and has  
designed many of the
incredible displays for
the Creation Museum in

Frank Montenegro
Frank is an
accomisplished voice
actor. He played Dr.
Kendall Park in over 100
episodes of the popular
Jonathan Park Radio
Dramas. His voice has
been heard in numerous
trailers and commercials

Jacob Solis
Jacob is a college
student and participated
in the Jonathan Park
album 10 planning
Len Nair
Len is Jacob Solis'
grandpa. This is Len's
first acting role in audio
drama. He owns his own
construction company
and lives in Southern
David Calkins
David performs
reenactments of Old
Time Radio Shows at
private venues in
Northern California. He
also has a starring role
as Dr. Griggs in the
Journey to Novarupta
Audio Drama
Steve Benner
Steve is a part time
prospector and resides in
Oregon. He enjoys the
Old West and it's history.
David Calkins Photo by:
The Riffenburghs
For over nine years their
work has been heard on
the popular Jonathan
Park program. They have
worked in various roles
as scriptwriters, voice
actors and sound
They also made
Rick Wraith, a 1930's era
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