Jonathan Park
Ten Year
On February 12, 2010 the cast gathered at the Chula Vista Nature Center to
commemorate 10 years of God's goodness, blessing and direction on the
Jonathan Park Project
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The Jonathan Park Team
(LtoR) Sandy & Pat Roy (Creators of
Jonathan Park) greeting guests to
the celebration.
Dinner Begins. Ben Kazules, Alex Kazules (current
Jonathan Park), Stephen Kazules (3rd Mike Thomas), Daniel
Kazules, & Joseph Narducci (
Riley Seivers, Dr. Glen West,
& Mitch Hubbard). Eva Rapp is in the background.
Pastor Enrique & Maria Sanchez.
Kathryn Mokan (Cast Director), Chuck
Batchman (
Andromedus, Mosinee Old
Man, & Pirate McNulty), & Elizabeth
Batchman (
Martha Brenan).
Pastor Art Lyons (from Canyon Community
Church where the new Jonathan Park
Studio was built), and Sharon Maley.
Ted McCann, Stephen Kazlues, Joseph
Narducci, Paul Maley, & Pastor Art Lyons.
David Batchman (Adrian), Benjamin Maley
Nicholas Lanik), Alex Kazules (3rd
Jonathan Park), & brother Ben Kazules.
Noah Taylor & Corwin Batchman (3rd Ryan
Delores & Don Keesey (Myles Morgan).
Donald Flanagan and Pat Roy getting a
brief moment to pose.
Feeding the Rays. Almost the entire cast
met outside at the nature center to join the
Trout Display.
Pat gives the final warning to grab a seat.
Hannah, Chad, Kristi, & Tiffany Wood
(friends of the Jonathan Park team).
Pastor Sanchez thanks the Lord for all that
He’s done in the first decade of Jonathan
Stiff competition as the two sides of the
room compete against each over to win the
Jonathan Park trivia battle.
Melody Roy gets up to tell the story of
how her sister, Summer, got to help
Daddy with building the new studio.
Old Friends. Marvin Ross was the artist and Pat worked in the Radio
Department at the Institute for Creation Research. They spent just a
moment recalling those old days and how they used to work on short
radio dramas for ICR. Marvin shared briefly about being part of the
Jonathan Park team.