The Creature of Cape Cod
The Creation Response Team is called upon to examine a plesiosaur that has washed ashore in Cape Cod.
When they get there, they find another mysterious creature that seems to have the locals living in fear. The
CRT decides to investigate, but what they discover about the creature leads them into a voyage beyond their
wildest imagination!
Episode #73 & 74 - Album #7
Written by: Pat Roy , Sandy Roy
Science Writing: Pat Roy
Script Edited by: Pat Roy, Sandy Roy?, Michael Gobart
Directed By: Kathryn Mokan
Recording Engineer: Pat Roy
Recording Assistants: Donald Flanagan, Andrew Riffenburgh
Dialogue Editing by: Jonathan Roy
Sound Design by: Megan LaVanchy
Announcer: Enrique Sanchez
Recorded at: Canyon Community Church,ChulaVista, CA
Recorded on: June 5, 2010
Album #7 marked a unique point in Jonathan Park
history in that a family of new writers was added to
the team. With the exception of "Mystery at Dead
Man's Curve" initially authored by cast member Paul
Mailey, the Jonathan Park project had never had
another writer in it's ten year run.

After Andrew Riffenburgh submitted a sample script
called "The Journey to a Thousand Fathoms" in early
2007, Pat Roy, the show's producer had wanted to
bring the Riffenburgh Family on board with the

The opportunity came in March of 2010 when with a
rough outline of directives from Vision Forum The
Riffenburghs and Roys met in Paradise, California
for a full week to map out every scene of the entire

The result was a detailed outline which both families
worked off of as a team for the entire project.

The Riffenburghs brought their unique background
to the story with their experience in writing and
producing their own short stories, 20 years as a  
homeschool family, their unique travels across
America and over 1,000 hours of audio research
behind them.  

Much of the scientific teaching and final editing of the
scripts were done by Pat Roy and Michael Gobart,
the Director of Operations at Vision Forum   
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