Written by: Pat Roy
Script Edited by: Sandy Roy
Directed by: Kathryn Mokan
Recording Engineer: Pat Roy
Recording Assistants: Donald Flanagan
Dialog Editing by: Dana Scofield
Sound Design by: Donald Flanagan & Pat Roy
Announcer: Enrique Sanchez
Recorded at: Institute for Creation Research, Santee, CA
Recorded on: January 27, 2007
Episode #55 & #56 - Album #5
The newly discovered Tiktaalik fossil takes the teams to the extreme north, on Ellesmere Island. But the teams’
competition takes a back seat as Myles Morgan and his assistant place the team in danger, forcing part of the CRT to
take refuge back in town. From there, things only get worse as Ryan and Katie’s helicopter goes down, stranding them
in the barren wilderness, unknown to the rest of the team. Will they be discovered before a treacherous storm blows in?
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